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6th February
9.30am Opening Mass

17th February
Shrove Tuesday
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18th February
Ash Wednesday
Project Compassion launch

27th February
9.30am Year 4 & 5 Class Mass
School Clean Up day

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Welcome to St Joseph's Parish School, Atherton

St Joseph’s Parish School, catering for boys and girls from Prep to Year 6, is an integral part of the Cairns Diocese and the Atherton Catholic Parish. Located approximately one hour’s drive from Cairns, Atherton sits within the heart of the naturally beautiful and agriculturally rich Atherton Tablelands. Despite its many changes over the years, St Joseph’s Parish School has remained committed to providing its students with a well-balanced and relevant education and curriculum.

This website is designed to provide a practical and informative view of our school but by no means replaces personal contact. Please browse at your leisure but also feel free to contact us at any time.

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As the beginning of a new school year clocks over this week, I am once again struck by the excitement and freshness of the students as they re-establish their school social circles, explore to find their new classroom, speculate about their new teacher and when the bell goes there is the routine of unpacking the new stationery that Mum/Dad have so lovingly packed. As someone coming into Primary from Secondary schools, I can honestly say that the experience is no less regardless of the age.

New PrincipalFor teachers, there is excitement too; and no small part of that is due to the excitement brought by the students as they arrive. A large part of it, though, comes out of the sincere love for what they do as teachers. We are truly blessed at St Joseph’s to have a team of teachers who love what they do and look for opportunities to see their students excel in their various endeavours. I believe that for each one of them, they do what they do, motivated by a genuine interest in your child.

for 2015
Monday at 2.20pm

As the first week unfolds, I invite you each to make the acquaintance of your son/daughter’s teacher. I invite both teachers and parents to forge close and collaborative relationships, guided by that common goal to build up those children entrusted into our care.

In 2015 we are aiming to significantly reduce the amount of paper used. Part of this goal will target the school newsletter. As from Week 3 of this term, all school newsletters will be emailed using the email addresses that we have on record for you. Should you have limited or no internet access at home, then you may pop in and collect a paper copy from the front office.

This is consistent with other parts of the school. The staff weekly notices are now paperless also. It really is an important thing for us to reduce unnecessary consumption where we can. One added side benefit will be seeing the newsletter in colour on your computer screen.

Consequently, it will be important for all parents/carers to ensure that their details are up to date. Please make a point of checking this with the front office when you make contact next.

Check out the latest newsletter for all the news and photos!

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