Religious Life of the School

The Religious Life of the School provides a lens through which St Joseph’s endeavours to enhance its Catholic Identity. It comprises four interrelated components: Religious Identity and Culture; Evangelisation and Faith Formation; Prayer and Worship; and Social Action and Justice.

Each of these components, while mutually reinforcing, provides a significant focus on a distinctive aspect of the religious life of the school.

Liturgy / Worship

Prayer, worship and the celebration of liturgies and masses are an important part of the Religious Life of our school. All students are encouraged to have an active and conscious participation in all liturgical activities of the school. Each term, students celebrate a class liturgy or mass. All parents and carers are warmly invited and encouraged to share in these celebrations.


Parents of students baptised in the Catholic faith are offered the opportunity to prepare their children for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation and Eucharist in Year 4, through a parish-based program. Parents are notified of meetings and preparation sessions via a letter, our weekly school newsletter and St Joseph’s Parish Bulletin.

Exact dates for Sacramental programs are confirmed in Term 1 of each school year following notification from the Parish-based Sacramental Team.