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School Logo

Our school logo has undergone several changes over recent years. The most recent change occurred in 2018 when then Principal, Deacon Michael Lindsay, initiated the process to research the original meaning of the logo and after many drafts, consultation and discussion, the new logo was adopted.

Original Meaning of the Logo

The original St Joseph’s School logo grew out of the desires of our school community: The ideal towards which we are all striving – parents, staff and students – the profile through which we hope to be recognised as a Catholic school. We want KNOWLEDGE to bloom in our students; a knowledge of God and His people and a knowledge of the secular society in which they live. Out of this knowledge will blossom a FAITH and LOVE that gives a reason for them to raise their arms in praise of the God who loves them and inspires us all. The cross, the symbol of the Mercy Sisters who began this school, is the mark or sign with which any Christian identifies. We seek always to “put on the mind of Christ.”

In 2018, as part of the school’s review of its Vision and Mission, the school logo was updated. While wanting to maintain the message and intent of the original logo, it was freshened to reflect a more contemporary context. The plant in the original logo was updated to a St Joseph’s Lily to reflect our patron saint, St Joseph, who is often symbolised by a lily. The Mercy Cross features more prominently in recognition of the Sisters of Mercy who founded our school. The child growing in love, faith and knowledge, with raised arms in praise of God remains central to our logo and purpose. The red and blue colourway was adopted to reflect our school colours.

Original Logo

Logo from 2007

Logo from 2015

Current Logo