Why St Joseph's

The core values of St Joseph’s School are those that are foundational to the Gospel. Children are encouraged to live those values in their everyday relationships with fellow students, staff, parents and the broader community. The school Mission focuses on each child being encouraged and challenged to achieve his or her best. The education we offer at St Joseph’s is a holistic one that focuses not only on the academic basics of a good education, but also has a spiritual and personal focus and a particular emphasis on social and emotional wellbeing. Our high quality and reflective teaching practices, together with the nurturing of school-wide positive relationships, are qualities that are highly valued by our families.

Despite changes over the years in response to the changing needs of our families and society, St Joseph’s School has remained committed to providing its students with a well-balanced and relevant education and curriculum. Interactive whiteboards are currently installed in all classrooms and laptops, iPads and Chromebooks are available to use as tools within learning and teaching. A recently established Arts and Technology program incorporates the ideology of STEAM and utilises the variety of interactive devices.

St Joseph’s is a welcoming community where parents and carers are encouraged to become actively involved in various dimensions of school life. Our students enjoy the benefits of a dedicated and committed group of parents who work together with the school staff in providing the best educational environment we can. Parent involvement at St Joseph’s is highly valued and very welcome, as parent support is a key indicator in student learning.

St Joseph’s is also blessed to have a skilled staff who commit themselves to being nurturers of the faith as part of their role as Catholic Educators.

At St Joseph’s School, we encourage self-discipline and offer an environment in which students can learn without disruption. In turn, students are required to maintain high standards of behaviour and to respect the rights of others. Students, parents and teachers have the right to a safe, orderly school environment where students can grow academically, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually in order to learn.

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